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The Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) is requesting a call for session proposals for ACT’s 2023 International Conference, the premier event for Transportation Demand Management (TDM) professionals.

Our 2023 International Conference at the Sheraton Grand Seattle (July 30 – August 2) will attract professionals and practitioners from across the United States and around the globe. Attendees representing public and private sector employers and providers of services and programs, universities, and non-profit organizations, will gather to share best practices and emerging innovations, engage with colleagues, and take part in intensive training workshops, discussions and educational tours.

We encourage you to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to share your ideas, knowledge, and expertise.

Summary of Session Submission Instructions

Please read carefully through the submission instructions listed below before preparing your session:

Step 1: Read the Speaker Submission and Approval Procedure

Step 2: Prepare your session following the Session Format and Layout Guidelines

Step 3: Gather complete contact, bio and presentation data for each presenter to be submitted

Step 4: Submit complete Call for Speakers Application online at:

NOTE: You may begin your session submittal and save your information for future editing prior to submitting.

Who Can Submit

Proposals, non-solicited in nature, from any individual, group, business, or organization, on any topic are welcome. The Conference Program Committee will review and consider all proposals for their educational value, alignment with desired topics, uniqueness, and diversity of speakers. Full session proposals (either individually presented or providing a slate of speakers) is the only option we are accepting.

Proposal Process

Only proposals submitted through the Cadmium portal will be considered for evaluation. We encourage you to review the proposal form and prepare your response in a word document to ensure responses adhere to noted word limits. Incomplete proposals will not be accepted or considered.

Important Dates

  • Call for proposals open: November 17, 2022
  • Proposal submissions due: December 31, 2022
  • Initial selection notifications: March 10, 2023
  • Final selection notifications: March 31, 2023

Session Criteria

Session slots at the International Conference are highly competitive with less than half of the proposals being selected. You can increase your chances of being selected by considering the following:

  • Is the topic new or innovative?
  • Will it attract a wide range of attendees?
  • Are you telling a full story that includes measurable results about your program/service/issue?
  • Will the presentation spark conversation or action?
  • Will the presentation expand the understanding of TDM?
  • Sessions may not present sales pitches or direct product promotion.

Additional Information

  • Speakers are not compensated for their participation in a session and are expected to register to attend the conference at their qualified rate.
  • A moderator to facilitate the session, introduce speakers, and seek questions from the audience can be identified by the submitter, but may need to be approved by ACT.
  • Each session may only have one panelist per organization, firm, or company.
  • We strongly encourage consultants/vendors to include a client as a speaker.
  • If an originally accepted speaker withdraws from the session, the Program Committee reserves the right to withdraw the session.
  • Additional speakers and/or replacement speakers are not to be permitted without review and approval by ACT National and the Conference Program Committee.
  • The Program Committee reserves the right to modify accepted session titles, descriptions, presenters or other elements as necessary to insure balance, quality, and support program goals.

Desired Themes/Topics

  • New Trends and Innovations
  • Organizational Management
  • Transportation System Challenges
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in TDM
  • Suburban and Rural TDM
  • Employer/Private Sector
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Public Policy and Advocacy
  • Suburban and Rural TDM
  • ACT Councils
  • Organizational Challenges
  • Other

Desired Session Themes & Topics of Interest

New Trends and Innovations – new technologies and approaches to advancing TDM, including:

  • Mobility as a Service
  • Integrated transportation information and payment systems
  • New service delivery models
  • Autonomous Use
  • Micromobility
  • Curb Management
  • Future of mobility

Organizational Management

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Governance

Organizational Challenges

  • Employee Management
  • Leading through change

Personal Professional GrowthSessions that will focus on personal skills outside the TDM industry. Session themes include:

  • Sales
  • Grant Writing
  • Performance Metrics
  • Content Creation
  • Effective Negotiating
  • Public Speaking

Transportation System Challenges – Presentations that focus on developing solutions and responses to a variety of challenges facing commuters and our transportation systems.  Session themes may include:

  • Climate Change and Resiliency
  • Emergency Preparedness & Response
  • Funding
  • Reclaiming Public Spaces
  • Progressive Parking Policies
  • Land-Use

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in TDM

  • Outreach
  • Organizational Challenges
  • Other

Suburban and Rural TDM – planning, implementing and operating mobility services for non-urban environments and areas where public transit services are limited or non-existent.

  • Last mile/Gap Service
  • Expanding biking/pedestrian options
  • Parking
  • Implementation of TDM Plans

Employer/Private Sector – Private sector employers play a central role in TDM.  They are the destination for commuters and their actions have significant impact on how those employees choose to travel.  ACT is looking for presenters to share their challenges, successes and work on the following topics:

  • Making the business case for support of TDM
  • Compliance with state/local regulations
  • Collaboration with public and/or private sector partners
  • Innovative strategies that resulted in mode shift

Marketing & Communications – Promotion of transportation options is central to the administration of TDM programs.  ACT is looking for presenters to share their successes and work on the following topics:

  • Behavior Change
  • Community Health & Transportation Partnerships
  • Digital/Social Media
  • Communications Strategies
  • Customer Service

Public Policy and Advocacy – Federal, State and Local Policy decisions can have significant impacts on the success of TDM programs. ACT is looking for sessions that help empower our members to be stronger and more informed advocates.

  • Transportation Authorization
  • Federal Policy
  • New Mobility
  • Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefit

ACT Councils (For Councils to submit ONLY)

  • Employer
  • Telework
  • Transportation Management Association
  • University
  • Vanpool
  • Commuter Shuttle / Private Operators

Session Formats

Individual Session – 1-2 speakers on one theme for 60-75 minutes.
Speaker(s) must be a thought leader on the topic to give a formal presentation and discussion on subjects of interest to TDM professionals covering topics of broad interest within the industry.

Panel Sessions – 75 or 90 minute sessions, featuring 3-4 speakers on one theme

Panel Sessions will consist of formal presentations and discussions on subjects of interest to TDM professionals covering topics of broad interest within the industry. 

Group Discussion Session– 60–75-minute sessions, featuring 1-3 speakers on one theme

Discussion sessions provide a forum for direct interaction between the presenters and the audience. Topics may represent innovative projects, developments and initiatives in the TDM field where there is emerging evidence of potential and successful practices for sharing, as well as areas offering ample opportunity to help explore diverse approaches for the TDM field. 

Deep Dives75-90 minute, featuring 1-2 speakers working together on a specific topic

Deep Dive sessions will focus on a specific resource, program, or policy and allow the speaker to have full control of the session.  Preference is given to sessions that encourage interactive and hands-on learning. Speakers will need to bring any and all materials and equipment (accept laptop/projector) required for the session.

Debate/Interactive – 60 or 75 minute sessions, featuring 1-2 speakers on one theme

Discussion sessions provide a forum for direct interaction between the presenters and the audience. This session will be highly interactive with possible group work to share and discuss the issue while working together to find solutions. The outcome is for people to walk away from the session having learned a lot from other attendees, contributed their own experiences, and have the basis of a plan that they can take home with them to tackle this issue in their own area/organization. Topics may represent innovative projects, developments and initiatives in the TDM field where there is emerging evidence of potential and successful practices for sharing, as well as areas offering ample opportunity to help explore diverse approaches for the TDM field.

Personal Professional Growth – 60-75 minute sessions, featuring 1-3 speakers on one theme

Personal Professional Growth sessions will focus on personal skills outside the industry. Topics may represent skills that attendees may need in order to grow in their current role or advance their career.

Conference Workshop – 3 hours (Sunday Only) Led by an individual or team of presenters

Professional Development Workshops will consist of formal educational presentations on subjects to advance general and specific knowledge of TDM functions and issues, research topics, marketing or policy initiatives for professional development and advancement.

Proposal Formatting and Layout Guidelines

We recommend gathering the speaker information and session details as indicated below before entering the data via the Cadmium portal. However, you will be able to save edits and return at a later time to complete your submittal.

Submitter Information

  • Submitter contact information (name, title, company, address, email and telephone)
  • Session type (panel, group discussion, deep dives, and professional development)
  • Subject group/track for break‐out sessions (New Trends and Innovations, Transportation
  • System Challenges, Suburban & Rural TDM, Employer/Private Sector, Marketing &
  • Communications, Personal Professional Growth, Public Policy & Advocacy and Other)
  • The presentation’s one to three learning objectives
  • Presentation length – 60 min; 75 min; 90 min or 180 min – Conference Workshops ONLY)

Speaker Information (for each speaker proposed)

  • Speaker contact information (name, title, company, address, email, and telephone)
  • Speaker’s brief bio (100 words) and headshot
  • A description of each speaker’s portion of the presentation (100 words)

Optional Closing Information

  • Provide additional information about application, 2023 conference, or your
  • organization
  • If not selected to speak, would you be interested in moderating a session at the
  • conference?
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