35th Annual ACT International Conference

AUGUST 1-4, 2021



You're Invited to the Premier TDM Event of the Year!

Welcome to ACT’s 35th Annual International Conference – the premier TDM event of the year! The International Conference brings together hundreds of TDM professionals from across the United States, Canada, and around the globe. Attendees represent Fortune 500 companies, state/local DOTs, MPOs, transit agencies, TMAs, transportation service providers, consultants, and many other stakeholders working to improve transportation options for commuters and the sustainability of their communities. The International Conference spans four days and provides attendees with numerous opportunities for professional development, networking, and fun!

Our Keynote Speakers

Melissa Wandall
National Coalition of Safer Roads (NCSR)
Melissa Wandall is devoted to educating, encouraging and empowering individuals and organizations for greater impact.
As President of the National Coalition of Safer Roads (NCSR) Melissa has set out to change highway safety and reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by traffic collisions. NCSR’s mission is “To Connect and Empower Survivor Advocates of traffic related tragedies with the tools and resources needed to take actions supporting an end to road violence.”
As an advocate Melissa was instrumental in passing Florida’s Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act allowing Florida communities to utilize Red Light Safety Cameras to help curb negligent behaviors, make streets safer and save lives.
Roger Millar
Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)

Roger Millar was appointed Secretary of Transportation in August 2016. Millar oversees an agency that is the steward of a multimodal transportation system and responsible for ensuring that people and goods move safely and efficiently. In addition to building, maintaining, and operating the state highway system, WSDOT is responsible for the state ferry system and works in partnership with others to maintain and improve local roads, railroads and airports, as well as to support alternatives to driving, such as public transportation, bicycles and pedestrian programs.

Roger is an experienced land use and transportation engineer, planner, and program manager with an international reputation for innovative approaches to conservation and development. The prominent theme that has run through his career has been planning and implementing transportation systems that are not ends unto themselves; but rather the means toward economic vitality, environmental stewardship, social equity, public health, and aesthetic quality.

Eileen M. Vélez Vega

Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works

Eileen M. Vélez Vega was appointed secretary of DTOP by Governor Pedro Pierluisi in December 2020 and is the first woman to lead the department. Vélez Vega is a member of the Engineers and Surveyors Association of Puerto Rico, of the American Association of Civil Engineers, of the Committee of the Transportation Research Board, and of the Society of Women Engineers’ board of directors. She has over 18 years of experience in the management, design, and construction of airfield paving, as well as in project management, design, and development of technical paving specifications.

Since 2006, Vélez Vega had worked for a prestigious design and planning firm based in North Carolina, and since her return to Puerto Rico in 2014, she had served as its vice president of business development on the island. Prior to that, she worked for four years for the United States Army Corps of Engineers as a civil engineer and as a NASA fellow at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama.

Vélez Vega has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from UPR Mayagüez and a master’s degree from Mississippi State University.

In addition to her vast experience and passion, her accomplishments have been honored by multiple professional organizations and she has been recognized for her community work at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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